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We are a church dedicated to reaching people who don’t know Jesus and see them come into a real relationship with Him.  Everything we do points towards sharing the gospel with someone who has never heard it before.

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In April of 2016, our church moved to Surrey Christian School’s Performing Arts Center, which we are now renting for $1,000 per month.  The facility is more than great, the admin are helpful in every way, and we have access to the projector and lighting system.

Our goal for this year is to gain enough support to be able to reach our proposed budget for 2017.  It works out to donations of $3200 per month, which we are currently not reaching.  Our average monthly donations come out to about $1200 per month. We make every effort to keep our costs minimal through self-funding activities and retreats, running fundraisers, and spending wisely.  But we would love to increase some of our expenditures in order to operate effectively.

Below are a list of ways to help support us and our mission!



Prayer is central to everything we do.  One of our core values at Youth Church is that we are a praying, dependant church.  We rely on God, it is not by our might, talent, charisma, or strength that we get things accomplished.  It is only by His grace and His will.  Joining us in prayer builds unity and is greatly appreciated.


Financial Donations

Join us through financial support! We have two options available through our website:

One Time Donation or Automatic Monthly Support

Monthly donations will help provide a stable base of support for our church. Consistent giving helps us to plan for the future and allows us to focus on our mission of reaching the lost. You can also help us through a one time donation; anything is greatly appreciated! 


Manager's Fund

In 1 Kings chapter 4:7, the needs of King Solomon’s household were supplied by twelve regional managers.  Each manager took responsibility for providing resources for one month of the year.  Would you consider taking the role of a manager and contributing $3,712 during one month of the year to help provide for the ministry needs of Youth Church? Contact us!



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2016 Highlights

We ran plenty of events over the last year! Check them out:


Free Summer Block Party

This year we ran our 2nd Block Party in Fraser Heights! We had over 500 people from the community come and join our event. Our summer intern, Ashleigh Ball, took the reigns for this year's event planning and got donations from local businesses, carnival games from other churches, food and drink donations from the community grocery store, and a government grant! It was all hosted in the parking lot of the Fraser Heights Rec Center.


Every year, Youth Church hosts its very own 5-day summer camp called iCamp! We run it during late August at Camp Luther in Mission, BC. We partnered with another Youth Church in Vancouver, as well as Westwood Church, and this year we had over 100 campers! iCamp is always a life-changing week and something everyone talks about for the whole year.




We ran a variety of fundraisers this year including:

Car washes, a girl's clothing swap, a community garage sale, a walkathon, and a Christmas gift wrapping service! Fundraisers are one of the ways we get young people involved and supporting the church they love, as well as a way to get into the community and spread out mission.

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